Brought to you by AANAC, the premier association for LTC professionals, the AANAChannel offers you a chance to Learn, Explore, and Smile with short, engaging, and informative videos. Take five minutes to learn from your LTC colleagues, to explore the benefits of AANAC members, or to enjoy a smile brought to you by these inspiring videos.

  • AANAC Ignite: The Lighter Side of Dementia

    Pamela Allen, BSN, RN, RAC-CT, CDP, CADDCR, shares her thoughts as a “dementia-whisperer.” Her inspirational talk highlights using humor and improvisation in caring for residents with dementia.

  • Section GG Three-Part Series: Part 3 – Practice

    In part three of a three-part Section GG series, AANAC curriculum development specialist, Amy Franklin, RN, RAC-MT, DNS-MT, QCP-MT, walks nurse assessment coordinators and others involved in the RAI process through the Section GG definitions.

  • Section GG Three-Part Series: Part 2 – Definitions

    In part two of a three-part Section GG series, AANAC curriculum development specialist, Amy Franklin, RN, RAC-MT, DNS-MT, QCP-MT, walks nurse assessment coordinators and others involved in the RAI process through the Section GG definitions.

  • Section GG Three-Part Series: Part 1 – Scheduling

    Section GG is fast-approaching, and AANAC is here to support members through this transition. Using a three-part series, AANAC curriculum development specialist, Amy Franklin, RN, RAC-MT, DNS-MT, QCP-MT, walks nurse assessment coordinators and others involved in the RAI process through the Section GG transition using quick webinar presentations.

  • Nursing Students: Why Long-Term Care Is For You

    Are you a nursing student thinking about which way to take your career? Consider long-term care for the rewards, challenges, clinical skill improvement, and relationships made. Listen to Dr. Cheryl Kruschke share why she loves her chosen career path.

  • AANAC Ignite: Five Tips to Survive Managed Care: A Tale of Too Many Hats

    In this engaging Ignite session, Nurse Assessment Coordinator of Year Winner, Lori Martin, gives practical advice on how to survive managed care.

  • Webinar – Prevent and Manage MDROs & C.difficile in SNFs

    Join the Center for Disease Control's Dr. Nimalie Stone for the latest strategies and resources available to effectively reduce the emergence and spread of these dangerous organisms. This free one-hour webinar is not eligible for continuing education credit.

  • AANAC Ignite - My Care Plan, My Story

    Are we coders married to our computers or storytellers looking for the next great story? Ruth Minnema shares a touching first-person story co-written with Westlake Care Community Resident Council President, Mark Dabney for her five-minute Ignite presentation at the 2014 AANAC Annual Conference.

  • AANAC Ignite – QAPI for You, QAPI for Me!

    Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement are not the responsibility of just one teammate. Kelton Swartz, a strategist for Cerner, explains how QAPI has begun to impact all roles within the facility and shares a variety of key takeaways to help prepare for the future of QAPI in this five-minute Ignite presentation.

  • AANAC Ignite – Dumb & Dumber

    Join SimpleLTCs chief technology officer, Jason Jones, as he uses pop-culture movies to illustrate and humanize critical concepts related to the future of health information technology in his five-minute Ignite presentation from the 2014 AANAC Annual Conference.

  • The connection between pain and QAPI

    AANAC expert Lisa Hohlbein discusses pain types, sources, interventions, and assessments while drawing the connection back to facility quality measures and other QAPI initiatives. This webinar was custom-designed for an AANAC Professional Development Partner (PDP). Learn more about the AANAC PDP program.

  • Welcome to the World of MDS 3.0

    AANAC's Vice President of Content and Curriculum Development, Judi Kulus, provides a brief introduction to MDS 3.0 and explains the importance of the RAI process in resident care and facility payment.

  • Managing Hypoglycemia in LTC Residents

    In this AANAC webinar excerpt, David Joffe, editor in chief of DiabetesinControl.com, addresses the risk of hypoglycemia in elderly long-term care residents and presents ways caregivers can increase safety and efficacy of diabetes management. Purchase the recorded webinar at www.AANAC.org/Webinars.

  • Welcome to the World of RUG-IV

    Enjoy a brief overview of Resource Utilization Groups (RUG-IV) with Judi Kulus, AANAC Vice President of Curriculum Development. Discover the origin of the RUG payment system, review eight key classification levels, and receive an introduction on how MDS data and ADLs influence final reimbursement.

  • No Better Place Than AANAC

    Between navigating federal regulations, managing your staff, and most importantly ensuring that your residents receive quality care, how do you find time to meet your own professional needs and goals? Find out why there's no better place than AANAC for helping you to stay on top of your game.

  • Hand In Hand - RAC-CT and Resident Care

    AANAC's RAC-CT program has long set the national standard for skilled nursing facility PPS and MDS education. Find out from AANAC members how mastery of the MDS process has led to improved resident outcomes.

  • Join Your Community

    With more than 14,000 members, AANAC unites nurses and other IDT members with the thought-leaders and authorities in long-term care. Discover how AANAC members connect with their peers.

  • I Do This For Me

    Is there one person who inspired you to become a long-term care nurse and dedicate your life to caring for elders? Or a current resident who's grateful smile reminds why you chose this profession? Find out who AANAC members do this for.

  • Find Fun and Passion

    Listen in as AANAC members describe their passion for long-term care and the AANAC community of LTC professionals that makes their jobs just plain fun

  • Get Equipped - DON Certification

    Take your leadership and management talents to the next level with AANAC's specialized DON/ADON certification, the Certified Nurse Executive (C-NE) program. Let AANAC members themselves explain the benefits of earning of this certification.

  • I Am AANAC

    Meet the men and women; the LTC newbies and long-time veterans; the nurses, therapists, administrators, and consultants, who make AANAC a thriving community of learning and support. They are AANAC.

  • Earn Certification – Advanced MDS Education

    The Resident Assessment Coordinator-Certified (RAC-CT©) certification is the distinguishing characteristic of an expert in resident assessment. Hear how this valuable MDS education helps AANAC members further careers.

  • AANAC Ignite: Is Scott Heichel a MURSE?

    In this entertaining session, Scott Heichel, RN, RAC-CT, DNS-CT, highlights the history and role of the male nurse. He explores the many opportunities available especially in long-term care and geriatrics.

  • AANAC Ignite: Make Nurses Uniforms Great Again

    Jen Turpin, RN, RAC-CT, shares her thoughts on uniforms and how they are often misused in the world outside of healthcare. She’s on a mission to correct this.

  • AANAC Ignite: The MDS Professional’s Ultimate Guide to Success and Happiness

    This improvisational session by Kelli Stack, RN, highlights 16 off-beat tips for success and happiness. This humorous session will make you laugh out loud.

  • AANAC Ignite: Roadmap to the Future

    Amy Franklin, RN, DNS-CT, QCP-MT, RAC-MT, highlights challenges and opportunities in long-term care and how AANAC is there to help. Be inspired by Amy’s vision for the future and what nurses need to do.

  • AANAC Ignite: What's It Like to be Married to a Nurse

    John Emblad shares his story about being married to a nurse, Diane Carter--interesting, terrifying, and awe-inspiring!!

  • My Purpose - LTC through a Nurse's Eyes

    We asked AANAC members why they do what they do every day. These are their responses, in their own words. We invite anybody involved in long-term care to join the revolution of care and show the world what your purpose is. Share it with us at AANAC.org/MyPurpose today!

  • AANAC Goes Christmas Caroling

    Over the holidays, the AANAC staff visited residents at local facility. We handed out snacks and sang Christmas songs, bringing a bit of holiday cheer into their home and hearts. We loved spending a morning at the nursing home surrounded by many loving residents.

  • Fireworks - A long-term care story

    This video celebrates not just our members but all the long-term care nurses who work tirelessly to promote residents' voice and choice and person-centered care each and every day. On behalf of residents everywhere and our association, we want to say "Thanks."

  • A picture is worth a thousand words...

    Examples of the care AANAC members provide to their residents through a collection of favorite memories and photos set to music.

  • Just BREATHE

    AANAC member, Sarah Riggin, shares why long-term care nurses (and all nurses!) need to just breathe in her hilarious, five-minute Ignite presentation from the 2014 AANAC Annual Conference in Las Vegas.

  • Dare to... Unmask Greatness

    In this video, AANAC dares long-term care nurses to challenge misperceptions, to speak up for the profession, and to envision themselves as leaders. Share this inspirational videos with your friends and colleagues in LTC.

  • The Power of Recognition

    In this video, AANAC award winners share what the power of recognition means to them. They share thoughts on empowerment in the workplace and challenge us to recognize our peers and coworkers.