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We’d like to give special recognition and say “thank you” to those that volunteer with AANAC. We are grateful for your contributions and commitment to the association.

NAC Expert Advisory Panel

This panel ensures AANAC's RAI and MDS 3.0 materials are routinely reviewed to reflect current thinking in nursing practice and government regulation.

  • Andrea Otis-Higgins - Chair
  • Jennifer LaBay - Vice Chair
  • Scott Heichel
  • Robin Hillier
  • Carol Maher
  • Mark McDavid
  • Deborah Myhre
  • Judy Wilhide-Brandt

Editorial Advisory Board

This board reviews LTC Leader articles and FAQ content. They represent the best and brightest minds in LTC and we thank them. 

  • Becky LaBarge
  • Jennifer LaBay 
  • Carol Maher
  • Deborah Myhre 
  • Scott Heichel

Awards and Scholarships Committee

This committee selects recipients for the AANAC awards and scholarships to identify and recognize individuals that have made significant contributions to the long-term care profession. 

  • Robert Moore
  • Kelton Swartz
  • Stephanie Kessler
  • Gail Harris
  • Julie Cook
  • Kimberly Davis
  • Brenda Futrill
  • Lisa Gourley
  • Flordeliza Macatangay
  • Sarah Riggin

Conference Session Selection Task Force

This task force assists AANAC staff in preparing for the AANAC Annual Conference by determining appropriate, relevant, and necessary content through the evaluation and rating of conference sessions. 

  • Sara Droessler
  • Brenda Futrill
  • Lisa Flottman
  • Stacy Gwin
  • Stacie Howe
  • Mary Madison
  • Sarah Riggin

ICD-10 Task Force

These individuals have stepped up to collect and disseminate information regarding the implementation of ICD-10 regardless of the moving deadline.

  • Casey Bastemeyer
  • Leah Killian-Smith

Research Volunteers

These members have provided feedback on AANAC resource concepts in one or more research focus groups conducted throughout the year.

  • Kristie Bacher
  • Veronica Birch
  • Brenda Bohlin
  • Sara Droessler
  • Kimberly Maycock
  • Lisa Sievers
  • Reta Underwood

2016 Annual Conference On-Site Volunteers

These individuals help to ensure a successful conference experience by volunteering their time and energy on-site at the annual conference.

  • Terri Ahern
  • Kristie Bacher
  • Ann Deziel
  • Lora Jarboe
  • Mary Madison
  • Barbara Lee Thomsen

Thanks also to our AANAConnect community groups for their time and dedication

These groups are open to any member if you'd like to participate. It's a fun and easy way to get involved with AANAC.